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11 Different Types of Bathroom Doors

A photo collage of different types of bathroom doors.

There are various types of doors ideal for bathrooms, with the most prominent choices being, swinging, sliding, mirrored, panel, stained glass, and pocket. We can break them down further like this:

  • Simple panel doors
  • Frosted glass doors
  • Sliding panel doors
  • French doors
  • Glass panel doors
  • Japanese screen doors
  • Barn sliding doors
  • Stained glass doors
  • Pocket doors
  • Doors with built-in mirror panels

Believe me, ignoring our bathroom door isn’t an option as it adds to the decor in our homes. Therefore, it should be a part of the renovation conversation. The wide array of bathroom doors on the market can make choosing one difficult. 

However, we should choose based on the general theme, our budget, and space.  

We have to consider aesthetics too. For instance, if the space is small, go for a sliding door. A transparent glass partition door will add light. Choosing a laminate material means you have nothing to upkeep. 

Let’s look at the types of bathroom doors, the materials, and which is suitable for your setup!

Types of Bathroom Doors

Here are the ten types of Bathroom Doors that will help define your space:

1. Frosted Glass Bathroom Doors

To create the finished product known as frost glass, transparent glass is subjected to sandblasting or acid etching. Because of this, the frosted glass surface seems pitted along one side of the glass pane. Transparency is achieved by scattering light away from the surface of the glass.

Inside the bathroom, mainly the master bathroom, frosted glass continues to be a popular choice. Etched glass can be used on the entry door, the shower door, or even the exterior of the property as decorative glass.

It will be easier to keep your shower clean with a frosted shower door because it will cover many water spots. This might be a lifesaver for people with hectic schedules who can’t find the time to regularly clean their homes. As a whole, frosted glass shower doors are practical and may be easier to clean than clear glass.

It’s possible to achieve an open, airy feel in your bathroom with this option instead of standard glass doors. Fortunately, frosted glass doors are now available in a wide variety of patterns and styles.

2. Simple Panel Bathroom Door

A simple style bathroom with simple wooden panel door.

A long time has passed since panel doors were anything but popular. With a little creativity, you can make these bathroom doors stand out from the crowd. No matter how many little wooden panels you choose, you will have the same traditional and adaptable aesthetic in your room. 

3. Sliding Panel Bathroom Door 

Lower part of the glass panel door.

Of course, if you have a limited amount of room, a sliding panel door is the ideal option.

These doors are resistant to moisture, long-lasting, and dependable. In addition, they’ll appear right at home in just about any residence. If you’d like to give your bathroom a splash of color and style without spending a lot of money, consider painting the door.

4. Japanese Sliding Bathroom Doors

A simple modern japanese concept bathroom with japanese sliding door.

Bathroom Doors with a Screen from Japan

Japanese-inspired Shoji screens can be used for your bathroom door if you want this type of design. They look like sliding doors to me, but they’re made of different materials, have different structures, and have different styles.

Wooden frames surround window-like compartments made of fiber rice paper in these doors. Your home’s atmosphere will be transformed by the addition of these pieces. Although the paper isn’t particularly flimsy, be aware that this isn’t a long-term solution.

5. French Bathroom Doors

A white concept bathroom with french bathroom style.

If you have a large bathroom, there’s no reason you shouldn’t use this enormous entryway as a distinctive and exquisite design decision for your space.

You’ll be able to enjoy an upscale look and a lot of natural light thanks to this model’s glass panels. It’s also a great way of adding sophistication to the overall design.

6. Glass Panel Bathroom Doors

A shower area with artsy wall and glass panel bathroom doors.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money but yet want a bathroom with good lighting, this is a good alternative for you. Choose a design with a sufficient number of glass rectangle panels to produce an eye-catching result.

7. Sliding Barn Doors for Bathrooms

A modern interior design bathroom with a sliding barn door.

Here’s a bathroom door that’s now in style. A sliding barn door may go with just about any contemporary design scheme you have in mind for your home. Choosing the proper design and variation is entirely up to you, based on your personal preferences and taste.

The hardware fitted above these doors is specifically designed to hang these doors. Being able to slide makes this alternative both functional and charming. Not to forget that this option will save us space and avoid the annoyance of locked doors since they don’t have door knobs.

8. Stained-glass Bathroom Doors

Stained-glass Bathroom Doors with two lock.

This is a unique choice for sure! In the most private area of your home, use the patterns to create a stunning display of color. If you’d prefer a basic repeating pattern, an ornate design, or a real-life picturesque location, you can choose from a variety of possibilities.

Stained glass can be used to cover the entire door if desired. Another option is to have a stained glass panel on your door or to have numerous panels organized in a certain design on your door made of a different material.

9. Pocket Bathroom Door

In a small apartment, every square foot counts, and these sliding doors retract into the wall to help you save even more space. If you want to maximize the space in your bathroom, installing a pocket door is a great option, but it can be a little tricky and requires the expertise of a professional.

10. Built-in Mirror Panels Bathroom Doors

A person switching a lock on the door.

Hanging a mirror over your bathroom door is a great idea if you’re living in a small apartment. This unique and practical design will help you make the most of your available space.

Many choices are accessible to you at this point. You have the option of either attaching the mirror to the door or using the door as a frame for the mirror. If you like, you can create a mosaic out of smaller pieces of glass.

11. Glass Divider Bathroom Door

Glass Divider Bathroom Door.

Elegant and unusual options are available in your master bathroom is an important part of your bedroom and privacy isn’t an issue for you.

This particular design of the shower door will shield the remainder of the bathroom from the moisture and steam that is generated during a shower session. Aside from that, the massive partitions required for more traditional solutions will free up space.

What’s the Best Bathroom Door Style?

Most homes have a bathroom that is the tiniest room in the house, with barely enough room for the bathroom suite itself. Extra storage is always a priority for any leftover footage, as extra space is frequently at a premium.

When it comes to experimenting with space-saving door styles, your bathroom is the ideal spot to do it.

Is a bathroom with sliding doors a good idea?

If you’re looking to save space in your bathroom, an internal sliding door is an excellent option.

It is simple to open a sliding door when it is hung from a top rail. In other words, it doesn’t occupy any floor space whatsoever. Even in the tiniest abode, this is a welcome addition.

The visible mechanism is the biggest negative of this sort of internal door. A braced and ledged cottage or barn-style door looks fantastic when paired with the stark, dramatic bar. If you’re looking for a leaner, more minimalist look, you might want to avoid it.

Is the idea of bathroom pocket doors sound?

In the same manner, as sliding doors open by sliding along a track, a pocket door does the same thing. For a pocket door, however, the track runs inside the wall. This means that when the door is open, the door itself will be obscured from view.

This style of door requires a lot of time and effort to build the pocket. As well, it can be invasive. Consider the importance of a bathroom to any home, and you’ll understand why.

Pocket doors, on the other hand, have a striking aesthetic quality that elevates any room they are installed in. They also have the added benefit of being extremely space-efficient.

Bathroom remodels, whether structural or more extensive, are a great place to put your money.

Is a bifold door appropriate for a bathroom shower?

A Bifold of door with ceiling lights.

A folding bathroom door is a great way to save space in a small bathroom. Each of these doors is made up of many panels that fold (or concertina) back on themselves to open.

However, a wooden bifold door is an expensive choice that provides the ease of pocket doors without the need for extensive installation labor. There is no loss of space outside or inside the room because they open completely within the entryway itself.

You can also hang photos, mirrors, and towel racks on the walls, all of which are beneficial in a bathroom.

Is it a good idea to have flush bathroom doors?

Of course, standard bathroom doors such as flush and panel types are equally common. Space-saving doors aren’t necessary for every bathroom, and installing flush doors isn’t difficult either.

For restrooms, flush doors may be preferable over panel doors. Condensation will not pool in the crevices because of their smooth surface.

Does it make sense to use French doors in the bathroom?

You’re able to make a grand entrance into your bathroom by adding a set of French doors instead of trying to save space.

Smaller homes may not be able to benefit from French doors because they come in pairs. However, they have a big impact on the image of your doorway, making it a focal point. With both doors open, a master bedroom’s ensuite may be made to feel more like a part of the room as a whole.

Materials for Bathroom Doors

First, you need to know what bathroom doors are constructed of before you buy a new one for your home. There are a variety of materials available for bathroom doors, just as there are for all other interior doors.

As the most often used door in the house, it must be durable. When it comes to bathrooms, there is nothing better than an easy-to-clean surface that doesn’t require a lot of elbow grease.

Finally, it should offer a sense of seclusion, and a well-built structure will help with this.

Choosing the proper material is an important step. In the following list, you’ll find some of the most popular materials for interior doors:

A Wooden Door for the Bathroom

A Wooden Door for the Bathroom and granite countertop.

Wood is a versatile and long-lasting material that may be used for both interior and exterior doors. It’s ideal for bathroom doors if they are completed appropriately. You may protect it from dampness by painting, waxing, or varnishing it, and its sturdy design provides a sense of privacy.

You won’t have to worry about anyone hearing you singing in the shower or having to crawl out into a cold breeze because wooden doors are a fantastic sound and heat insulation.

No matter what type of door you choose, you’ll want to know which wood is the finest for the bathroom. All of the usual options are available. Pine is less expensive, but it has a shorter lifespan and can appear cheap. There are more expensive options, like walnut or oak. However, they have a more dramatic and appealing look.

If you can’t afford solid wood doors, consider a veneered-engineered core door as an alternative. To save money, you can choose hollow-core bathroom doors, but they lack the strength and durability of their solid wood counterparts. As an alternative, you can get all of the practical advantages (and beauty!) of a solid oak veneered door at a more affordable price.

Doors Made of Laminate

In the bathroom, laminate is a common option, as is ceramic tile. As a result of the laminate’s moisture resistance, the door will not expand, distort, or rot as time goes on.

Another advantage of laminates is how easy it is to clean. The back of a laminate door may be easily cleaned of any soap suds that have been splattered on it, and the door will not be harmed in the process. Even if there are traces of rock-hard toothpaste, this task should be completed in a flash.

Choosing the best laminate for bathroom doors is a matter of personal preference. In contrast to wood doors, prefinished laminate doors come in a larger selection of colors, including grey and black options. As a result, they’re ideal for rooms with a contemporary, minimalist, or Scandinavian design aesthetic.

Many laminate doors feature a rich wood grain pattern on their design if you’re seeking a traditional wood finish. It’s also possible to go with a simple white door.

Doors Made of Aluminum

Bathroom doors made of aluminum are the best. Even though wooden doors and steel doors can be beautiful, they are not nearly as functional as aluminum doors.

In the bathroom, why are aluminum doors the best?

Aluminum doors are ideal for bathrooms because of their many advantages, including their low weight and strength. The following are some of the advantages.

  • Aluminum Is Water and Humidity Resistant.
  • Aside from being environmentally friendly, weather changes do not affect the door made of aluminum.
  • Taking care of aluminum is a cinch.

A Few Other Bathroom Door Options

Fiberglass, steel, and PVC bathroom doors are also available. Laminate and wooden bathroom doors are the most popular options. One of the biggest problems with using these modern door materials is that they are more difficult to obtain. Bathroom doors made of steel, in particular, can be quite pricey. To endure wetness and humidity, you’ll need high-quality ones.