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6 Different Types of Bathroom Door Locks

A person opening a bathroom door.

Do you plan to renovate your bathroom and want to know your options for bathroom door locks? Is your bathroom door lock so old that it looks like the lock that Alexander Cumming put on the door to the first flush toilet that he patented in 1775? We have seen your bathroom door lock.

How do you know which type of lock is the best option for your bathroom? Do you want to convey function or style, traditional, antique or modern? Perhaps you have a new build and need to find the perfect bathroom door lock. 

An old bathroom lock using bamboo sticks.

Here are the different types of bathroom door locks. Discover the bathroom door lock that is right for your home, your bathroom and your style.

Can I Have a Little Privacy?

Do you want your in-laws walking in on you during your shower? Do you want the neighbor kid waltzing into the bathroom during your private moments? Consider the issue of privacy when you buy your bathroom door lock.

Skip the entry door knobs that do not lock when you close the bathroom door. You do not have to spend a fortune on a bathroom door lock to have privacy for your family and guests. There are bathroom door locks with locking mechanisms to suit any budget.

What if the kids lock themselves in the bathroom?

You do not have to worry about your children locking themselves in the bathroom if you buy the right lock. Many types of door locks come with the ability for the homeowner to open the door from outside the bathroom. 

Check the specific lock that you plan to buy. Ask the salesperson if you cannot locate the information.

The kids still have their privacy, and you still have your peace of mind.

1. Turn Button Locks Offer Privacy and Style

The turn-button door lock is a traditional style found on many bathroom and bedroom doors. It is a practical style and easy to incorporate into most interior doors.

Turn-button locks are common on both doorknob style locks and on some styles of lever handles. Hold the button and rotate the button to lock or unlock the door. The locks often have a hole or slot to insert a small tool or coin into a slot on the outside to open the door.

Go Traditional or Modern

Copper Creek BK2030SS Ball Door Knob, Privacy Function, 1 Pack, Satin Stainless

Choose the turn-button lock without sacrificing style or unique finishes. Choose from traditional finishes, including satin stainless or the modern Tuscan bronze finish.

Copper Creek BK2030TB Ball Door Knob, Privacy Function, 1 Pack, Tuscan Bronze

2. Lever Door Lock Allows You to Open the Door with One Hand

Hand levers are functional locks that you can use on any interior door. The Toilet Zone recommends against using these locks on exterior doors. They may not provide enough security. 

The bathroom door is the perfect place to install a hand lever lock. Small children and seniors likely find this type of bathroom door lock easy to open on either side of the door. You enjoy the ease of opening the door when you carry a handful of linens or one of the children into the bathroom. 

CML Hardware Classic Wave Privacy Door Lever, Interior Keyless Door Handle Lock Set for Bathroom or Bedroom, Reversible for Right & Left Handed, Removable Latch Plate, Satin Nickel, 1 Pack

Choose a traditional finish or a statement finish such as matte black. The lever bathroom door lock is a part of your completed bathroom appearance. It is an ADA-compliant style of door handle. 

KNOBWELL Heavy Duty Privacy Bathroom Lever Lock Set for Interior Door, Bedroom Door Handle, Matte Black Door Handle, Left or Right Handing 2.07 lb

3. Find Privacy with the Push of a Button

A man holding a push button lock on the door.

Push button bathroom door locks are simple, yet they provide privacy for the bathroom. You simply push the button located on the center of the doorknob to lock the door.

Turn the doorknob or handle to open the door. Children, seniors, and guests likely find locking and unlocking the door a breeze.

4. Barrel Bolt Bathroom Door Locks are Still a Popular Choice

KING-LINK Door Security Slide Latch Lock, Heavy Duty Solid Thicken Steel,3 inch Gate Barrel Bolt, Door Lock More Security and Privacy 2 PCS with 12 Screws (Silver)

Do you think that barrel bolt locks are a thing of the past? This economical style lock is still a popular choice for many homeowners.

The price of the lock is not the only reason for choosing this type of lock. You have many finish options available to choose from with the barrel bolt, such as stainless steel or heavy gauge steel. Choose a lock that blends in with the décor and style that you want for your bathroom and your home.

Consider whether children, seniors and guests can lock and unlock the barrel bolt. People who opt for the barrel bolt lock on the inside of the bathroom door often have a regular door knob on the bathroom door.

5. Handleset Locks are No Longer Just for Businesses

Grandeur 843879 Hardware Arc One-Piece Handleset with S Grip and Circulaire Knob in Timeless Bronze, Backset Size-2.375", Single Cylinder Lock

The handleset door lock is a style that you find at many businesses. Homeowners often find this type of lock works well in their home and offers a sense of style. 

Handleset door locks have a handle on the outside of the door. You lock it from the inside with a twist knob. 

You gain the benefit of extra security and privacy with this durable bathroom door lock. It uses a deadbolt style, not a spring bolt. 

6. The Barn Door for the Bathroom

Who knew that one day the barn door would be an interesting door for the bathroom?

The barn door lock needs to match the vibe or décor of your bathroom. Do you have a single sliding barn door on the guest bathroom, or do you have double barn doors on the master bathroom? Is the door rustic or is it sleek and modern?

Types of Barn Door Locks

The pocket door lock is a good choice for left-handed or right-handed barn doors. It offers a practical lock at an affordable price.

CCJH Invisible Sliding Barn Wood Door Pocket Door Handle Lock with Keys (Sliver, Dia-2.95")

The flip lock is an ideal option for some bathroom barn doors. Make sure that you know if you need a right angle or a left angle flip lock.

Kakuru 2Pcs Barn Door Lock 90 Degree Stainless Steel Sliding barn Door Latch and Catches for Bathroom

The latch lock is modern yet works well if you want a rustic vibe. Customize the look to your desired decorating style. Choose a hook and eye latch or a gate latch. It is a good option for single or double barn doors.

Barn Door Lock, 2 Pack 4'' Barn Door Latch, Heavy Duty Solid Thicken Stainless Steel Gate Latch Lock, Add More Security and Privacy. Cabin Hooks and Eye Latch Best for Barn Door, Bathroom

Measure for the Door Lock

A man holding a measuring tape.

How do you know what size of door lock you need for your bathroom door?

Locks often come in standard size. Standard-sized locks do not fit every door. There are three measurements to know before you shop for your new bathroom door lock.

The backset is the measurement from the edge of the door to the center of the lock bore. All About Doors & Windows explains that the standard sized backsets are 2-3/8″ and 2-¾.”

Measure the lock bore. This measurement is the diameter of the hole for the lock body. The standard measurement is 2-1/8.” Older bathroom doors sometimes have a smaller lock bore.

The lock spacing is the distance between two holes for the locks that you have on the bathroom door. Deadbolts and specialty locks need this measurement.

Take Shopping for Bathroom Door Locks Seriously

Choosing the right type of bathroom door lock is an important decision. Consider the type of door that gets the lock.

Is it an old door that is original to the house? Is it a new bathroom door?

Do you want to buy a bathroom door lock to add style? Do you want a door lock that serves its purpose?

Where is the Bathroom?

Toddlers playing on the toilet bowl.

Where is the bathroom located that gets the new type of bathroom door lock? Are you buying a lock for the kids’ bathroom? You know that you need a door lock that is easy to lock and unlock.

Consider a lock that comes with a feature that allows you to open it from outside the door. Remember, kids do not use the bathroom only to pee. Some kids lock the bathroom door to get into everything. Do your kids lock the door to say things that they do not say when they are not behind a locked door?

If all else fails, open the lock with a paper clip, a small screwdriver or another small household item. Use an item that does not risk your safety.

You want your master bath to be your sanctuary. Choose a lock that maintains the look and feel of your sanctuary. Express your style with your master bath door lock.

Modern bathroom with a closet.

Do not give less thought to the type of door lock to install on the guest bathroom. Impress the guests with a high-quality type of bathroom door lock. Make sure that you consider guests with special needs who cannot operate fancy locks.

More Details about the Types of Bathroom Door Locks

Know Your Door Handing

A close up photo of a door handle.

Handing is important if you buy certain lever bathroom door locks. Handing is the direction that the end of the lever points to if you stand in front of the door.

Think about the placement of a lever door handle on your bathroom door. The end of the lever faces the hinges.

This is how you know whether you need a left-handed lever lock or a right-handed lever lock. Some styles of bathroom locks come with a special pin tool that allows you to switch the levers.

Bathroom Door Lock Installation Blues

Do not worry about difficulty installing the different types of bathroom door locks. The lock comes with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the installation process. Do not think that buying a basic door lock always offers the easiest installation. 

Installing the new lock depends on factors such as whether you need to replace a lock or install a lock on a new door. Make sure that you have all the necessary tools before starting the installation.

Consider watching a video if you cannot install your new bathroom door lock. Look for a video that features your type of bathroom door lock.