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7 Different Types of Bathroom Windows

Collage photo of bathroom windows in different styles.

You need more than just one opening in your bathroom. A door alone won’t do it. As simple as it sounds, the sheer variety of all the bathroom windows available can be dizzying.

Just as with any window, you want to let in enough light while allowing air to flow in and out with ease. Bathroom windows are also fitted in many different ways, depending on your bathroom style. It’s a good idea to work out which option suits you best before you start shopping.

The fact is, there’s no standard model, so here are the different kinds of bathroom windows you need to know:

Best for Privacy

1. Peek-proof Skylight Windows

An open skylight window overlooking treetops.

The definition of deluxe, the skylight window doesn’t come cheap. That’s, of course, unless you go for the tubular skylight which is only a few inches wide. Imagine showering with access to the outside world overhead, with nothing but birds to peep at you.

From natural views, to ‘adding space’, and bringing in extra daylight, skylight windows offer many benefits. One must exercise caution when positioning and picking out skylight windows. You need to go for a quality brand and a reputable installer, otherwise you could experience leaks in the future.

Also, they can often let in too much light, which can cause glare. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem though; it’s not like you spend hours in the bathroom anyway.

2. Shut it Down with Shutter Windows

Patterns of window shutter made of wood.

Sometimes you want to be able to adjust the amount of light and air coming through to your windows. Shutter windows can help you do just that. Also known as plantation windows, they’re stylish, hardy, and easy to clean.

Operating them is a breeze, all it takes is a pull or push on the panel and they instantly swing open or closed. Blinds, draperies, and shades are a more affordable alternative to shutters. You’re dealing with custom fitting here, which can be a little tricky.

While they may be easy to clean, they require regular maintenance. The moving parts may also get a little loose after some time, but luckily, tightening them isn’t too big of a task.

3. A Wonderful Gesture: Windows with Texture

Window screen texture.

For security, you need to be able to tell whether there’s a person on the other side of a bathroom window. It’s nothing but a blurred view with textured glass windows. There’s no seeing in detail with these.

It’s their rough surface or uneven consistency that’s responsible for the opacity. Still, you can rest assured that natural light will come through. The thing with patterned glass is that it easily gets dirty.

The impressions or nooks it has easily collect dust and debris. The surface of these windows isn’t uniform, oil and other hard-to-remove substances can get stuck in the dips. This makes for a more challenging cleaning process which can be quite time-consuming and demanding.

4. Don’t be a Square, Get Glass Block Windows

Glass Block Windows built into a brick wall.

This type of window is composed of small glass ‘blocks’ or sections that come together to make a bigger ‘block’. They’re versatile and  allow for different color combinations, patterns, and styles. You can maximize the light-friendlines of these windows by having them installed from wall to wall, letting in as much sunlight as possible.

For those with modern homes or anyone hoping to add a touch of sophistication, glass block windows are the way. Glass block windows don’t cater to airflow. This means that all the water vapor produced when you shower has no outlet.

It also means that any toxic fumes that may be in the air have nowhere to escape. Glass blocks usually require extra support as well, since they’re heavier than the usual window frames.

Most Energy Efficient

5. Higher Rank Crank Windows

Open window with turn knob on dark wood frame.

This type of window operates by way of a crank handle. In between the frame and the sash you have a compression seal. It’s the compression crank handle that keeps the window completely sealed and safe from outside air.

This type of window will keep in nearly all the heat in your bathroom in the wintertime while withstanding the elements. Crank windows open outwardly, and that can present a problem when it’s time to clean them. This is especially if they’re situated on a floor other than the ground floor.

Additionally, they need space in order to be opened properly. There shouldn’t be anything in the way when they swing open. 

6. Keep it Smooth with Slider Windows

Interior of room with slider window.

The fewer moving parts a window has, the lower the chances of air leaking through. Slider windows are slid open, they aren’t lifted up and pushed open, and this makes them easy to use. The glass moves along a roller or track, so it doesn’t take much effort to operate them.

They’re usually coated with premium window glazing and impressive thermal insulation properties, making them quite energy efficient. Great as they are, they also have some drawbacks you’ve got to consider. In colder climates where winter is freezing cold, ice and snow can get caught in the sliding tracks.

It’s this very same sliding track that can also collect dirt as time goes by.

7. For Value for Money, You Can’t Go Wrong With Acrylic

Window with acrylic bench.

Acrylic is a shatter-resistant material that is custom fit to your window size. It also provides insulation and air leakage reduction. It will also add natural light, increase ventilation and make the space feel larger.

How to Choose Energy Efficient Windows for your Bathroom

Moisture abounds in bathrooms. When you take that hot shower or bath, water vapor in the air condenses onto your windows. It’s important to make sure that you have energy-efficient windows that reduce the effects of condensation.

The more water there is, the higher the chance of mildew forming, and mildew damage to your property. You need to inspect a window before buying it, so you know how energy efficient it is. You’ll have to look at the label and see to it that it has a low air leakage rating.

You’ve got to be aware of just how condensation resistant your window is, and for that there’s a rating too. If the number is closer to 100, it’s more condensation resistant, simple as that.

How to Choose Highly Ventilating Windows for your Bathroom

Maximum ventilation may be of utmost importance to you. In this case, you’re better off leaning towards casement or awning windows.  Casement windows, such as the crank windows mentioned earlier, have hinges on the sides.

These will open pretty much all the way, allowing for greater airflow than the traditional kind. As for awning windows, these swing open upwards, thanks to hinges positioned at the top. These can be installed at a much higher position than normal windows.

They can accommodate air even in high winds, since winds blow strongest from the sides. You can keep these open even when it’s raining. This is because the glass panels serve as awnings, preventing water from entering through the window while letting air in. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Bathroom windows are a great addition to your bathroom, as they let in light and provide an impressive decorative touch. But there are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to buying bathroom windows, including the type of window that’s best for your shower (wall-mounted or frameless) and the benefits of towel bars versus curtains.

What are the most popular types of bathroom windows?

If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, then you will want to think about the different window options. The three types of windows you’re most likely to see in bathrooms are casement, hopper, and sliding. Although each has its own pros and cons, all three will allow light and air into your bathroom.

However, sliding windows don’t offer much privacy, so if that’s important to you a casement or hopper window may be a better choice. There are also three major window options for bathrooms – top hung, bottom hung, and slider. Whichever you choose will make a big difference to the overall look of the room.

As the names imply, these windows differ in the ways in which they open and close. Top hung windows open from the top, bottom hung windows, open from the bottom, while slider windows are the most popular because you can easily slide them open and closed as you wish.

How big should my bathroom window be?

A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s a place where family members take their time to relax and get ready after a long day. That’s why it’s vital that your bathroom windows are comfortable yet attractive.

Windows can aid in creating beautiful light and airy spaces, as well as reducing drafts, making them an integral part of any good design. To ensure your bathroom is not underlit, choose a window that’s 3-5% larger than the area to be lit. For example, if you want a window area of 12 square feet (1ft x 2ft), your window should be at least 16 square feet.

What is the best way to clean bathroom windows? 

Window cleaner is a great way to clean both glass and plastic. You can spray your bathroom window, then wipe down with a paper towel. To clean a mirrored bathroom window, try using Windex.

Add a bit of water to the spray bottle, spray the glass and then wipe with a paper towel. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves. You can also use newspaper or kitchen towels to wipe down bathroom windows.

If you’re environmentally conscious, you may prefer using a old T-shirt or rag.