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Bring the Outdoors Inside: 15 Examples of Indoor/Outdoor Rooms

Published on March 29, 2023

I’m in North Vancouver. The weather isn’t exactly warm year-round yet the indoor/outdoor concept is gaining here too. With folding glass doors and massive sliding doors and even in some cases, garage-style doors, creating large openings in living areas and even bedrooms so that you have open concept from outside to the inside is easily possible. It’s not cheap, but very doable.

Below is a series of some state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor living ideas.

1. CR House by Obra Arquitetos

See this house by ObraAquitetos.  The aim when building this home was to create a great external area which explains why it’s such a great example of bringing the outdoors inside.

2. Mark Wahlberg’s Former Mansion

See this house. This is quite the estate as you can tell from the massive great room that opens up wide to a huge deck that has a view that doesn’t quit.

3. LLF House by Obra Arquitetos

See this house. Built in Brazil explains why this incredible home offers so much outdoor living space. It’s almost as if this home has no walls.  It’s such a great example of well the outside can be incorporated into the interior.

4. Beau Constantia by Metropolis Design

See this house.  This is a big house built to blend into the landscape and so the outdoor space nearly as spacious as the interior… not that it’s easy to tell which is which because the two are seamlessly connected.

5.  Sombrero House by FGMF Arquitetos

See this house.  With massive glass sliding doors, the interior opens up entirely to the large patio and pool area. Look closely, and you’ll see this home also includes a very cool courtyard area that also brings the outdoors inside.

6. Vista Residence by Anacapa Architecture

See this house. This home is in Montecito so opening up the home makes sense.  The style otherwise reminds me of something you’d find deep in the woods in my neck of the woods (Vancouver, BC). Anyway, the open-concept living space opens entirely to the huge patio area.

7. Paraty House by Studiomk27

See this house. Another home located in Brazil and so it makes sense to invest in creating indoor/outdoor spaces. This particular example looks like the living space is really just a covered patio. This home is located on a stunning beach BTW.

8. Arroyo Oak House by ANX / Aaron Neubert Architects

See this house.  Also in California, this home incorporates plenty of wood throughout. Located high up on a bluff the veiw is incredible. The living room opens up to a long lap pool and deck.  

9. CR House by Obra Arquitetos

See this house.  It’s Obra Arquitetos in Brazil again. I’m a huge, huge fan of Obra Arquitetos designs and this home is no exception. It’s like the entire yard and pool is part of the home’s living space.

 10. Beau Constantia by Metropolis Design

See this house. This is the second room from this home featured here and it’s a great example of opening up a bedroom to the outdoors.

11. L.A. House by Zaher Architects

See this house.  The interior of this home opens up to a huge wrap-around deck that overlooks the backyard with swimming pool. Look at how huge that opening is.  I love it.

12. Waiarohe by Bossley Architects

See this house. It’s as if this home has no wall or barrier whatsoever to the outdoors with this incredible design by Bossley Architects.

13. CCC by R79

See this house. This home opens up to the outdoors on multiple sides. The backyard is entirely enclosed made beautiful with pool, vegetation and a lawn. It looks so comfortable.

14. LLM House by Obra Arquitetos

See this house. When I look at this huge home with gargantuan floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors, it looks like a jungle home.  It’s as if the jungle is in the living room. Look at how huge those sliding glass door are and they open up in multiple areas.

15. Colina House by FGMF Arquitetos

See this house.  This open-concept home, as in open-concept to the outdoors is a massive sprawling home with a huge courtyard.  It blends beautifully into the surrounding area being a low profile with a garden room in places.  It has a huge seamless roof that covers both the interior and exterior areas the blend together for a true indoor/outdoor home.